Our Mission

Unleash the Power of Breath

By law of averages, we take 670 million breaths during our lifetimes, but most of us pay no conscious attention to how we are breathing. By contrast, there are those that are able to push the boundaries of what science tells us is even possible by simply focusing on their breath.

Through cold therapy, breathing, and meditation, Wim Hof has mastered control over his body. He has submerged himself in ice for close to two hours without his core body temperature lowering, swam over 80 meters below an ice shelf in one breath, and is able to control his autonomous nervous system. As I continued my research, I realized this wasn’t the only case of unbelievable biohacking by focusing on breathwork. Aleix Segura Vendrell held his breath underwater for 24 minutes while most people give up after 90 seconds. Herbert Nitsch broke the freediving record by going 702 feet below the surface in one breath, and the list goes on. 

My co-founder, Jaymin, and I went down a rabbit hole of reading historical scriptures and modern-day scientific studies, interviewing experts in the field, and dedicating ourselves to learning the ins and outs of breathwork. As we dug deeper, we realized that the benefits of conscious breathing extended far beyond these inhuman feats. Practicing breathing exercises  correctly could benefit anyone, from those who struggle with anxiety to singers and athletes wanting to enhance their performance. 

We formed a team of R&D experts, data scientists, mechanical engineers, and designers to try to create a smart device packed with technology in a sleek and convenient design. Eventually after countless iterations and thousands of hours of testing, Moksha 1.0 was born. 

We want to allow people for the first time in their lives to easily build a habit out of proper breathwork techniques. Our goal is to help everyone unleash their full potential and take power over their minds and bodies by harnessing the power of their breath. 

Yash Ghanekar

Co-Founder and CEO