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The Science Behind Breathwork

The average person breathes over 25,000 times per day, and yet most people don’t consciously focus on breathwork. There is a deep connection between your breath and your physical and emotional wellbeing, but unlike other automatic physical processes, your breath is something you can actively control. 

Conscious and focused breathing, or breathwork, has been practiced for centuries by spiritual practitioners, but it has just recently received increased attention from modern scientists. Thus far, studies have found that every single breath we take can have an impact on our anxiety levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and so much more. We’ve only just began to scratch the surface of the multitude of benefits that derive from controlling our breathing. 

How Does Moksha 1.0 Technology Work?

We designed the Moksha 1.0 as a means to regulate one’s breath. Our patent-pending breathing tool is scientifically designed to provide the ideal resistance to slow down your exhale, and the mobile app connectivity guides you through hundreds of breathwork exercises via a haptic feedback system. 

Many of our users have attempted to meditate by themselves, but it often sounds much easier than it is to get yourself into the correct mind state without a guided tool in hand. The reason Beam 1.0 works better than practicing deep breathing exercises by yourself is that it gives you one less thing to focus on - the inhalation and exhalation times. 

Alongside the Moksha App, we created an ecosystem of anxiety solutions including breathing exercises, personalized recommendations tailored to individual needs, and wellness checks to log progress. Beam 1.0 methodically helps with mental and physical health, and it also adds a unique approach to saving money as you breathe correctly.

1) Mental Health

Anxiety is the way our bodies respond to feelings of stress. It is an emotional and physical response that occurs when we feel nervous or fear future or unknown activities, but its effects can often feel debilitating. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues and affects up to 40% of American adults. Whether you feel yourself rapidly breathing, your heart racing, or completely panicked, you aren’t alone.

One of the most common biproducts of anxiety is encouraging shallow breathing. The New York Times writes that the average adult only engages as little as 10 percent of their diaphragm. Shallow breaths can keep you in a constant state of stress, so a combination of anxiety and shallow breathing patterns will cyclically keep you in a state of panic.

In order to break that cycle, Moksha 1.0 boosts and trains your ability to practice slow, conscious, diaphragmatic breathwork. While the sympathetic nervous system is triggered by perceived dangers and responsible for energy and adrenaline, the parasympathetic nervous system counteracts this response. Slowing down your exhale signals your vagus nerve and activates your parasympathetic nervous system to calm you down. 

Through guided meditations and breathing practices, Moksha 1.0 is engineered to help you create a habit out of properly breathing. By rewarding proper technique and providing positive feedback via a point system, you immediately know whether or not you are practicing the breathwork exercises correctly.

2) Physical Health

The physical benefits on your body from diaphragmatic breathing are profound. Practicing deep breathing through Beam 1.0 can help lower heart rate, expend less energy, reduce blood pressure, and improve core muscle stability. 

A 2008 study conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital found a direct correlation between proper breathwork and blood pressure. The Human Condition expands that “61 people with hypertension were assigned eight weeks of stress management sessions that involved relaxation response training, including breathwork, and 61 others were assigned to a control group. They found that 44 of the participants’ blood pressure decreased so significantly that they were eligible to begin eliminating hypertension medication.”

This is just one of a plethora of medical studies that have been conducted on the power of breathwork and its positive impact on your core health levels. Another major benefit is increasing lung capacity which gradually decreases as you age but also as our health deteriorates from various health factors, from vaping to asthma. Our lungs are responsible for exchanging the oxygen and carbon dioxide that we inhale, so healthy lungs are essential to keep your body at peak performance.

James Nestor, author of award winning novel Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, explains that one scientific study found that “the greatest indicator of life span wasn’t genetics, diet, or the amount of daily exercise, as many had suspected. It was lung capacity.” The Moksha 1.0 quantifies lung capacity via a guided test while displaying daily metrics to provide insights into how to improve it gradually. Nestor continues, “It turns out that when breathing at a normal rate, our lungs will absorb only about a quarter of the available oxygen in the air. The majority of that oxygen is exhaled back out.” 

By consciously taking longer, deeper breaths, we are allowing our lungs to soak up much more oxygen in fewer breaths. As a result, the more you use Moksha 1.0 to increase your vital lung capacity, the more you will have a clearer and more focused mind, optimized breathing for stamina and endurance, and greater mental and physical performance.

Anxiety is a personalized condition, and thus it requires a tailored and personalized approach. The Beam App taps into your health kit data and screen time while taking user input to provide data-driven insights to improving your health. This ranges from simple recommendations such as reducing your screen time by an hour per day to increasing your cardio or reducing caffeine intake. As we continue to grow and perform more R&D and research, we hope to add more health monitoring and features to create an even more robust breathwork tool.

3) Breathe & Save

Moksha has built a rewards system with a basic premise in mind: the more you breathe, the more you save. It’s that simple. We’ve partnered with organizations around the world to provide discounts to our users.

Moksha 1.0 uses patented technology to verify that you are performing breathing exercises correctly. As you complete your daily and weekly goals, you begin to unlock discounts to your favorite stores.

Whether you have pets and need a discount to the latest BarkBox subscription, need a pair of shorts from Instacart, or want a smart vacuum from Roborock, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to continue creating a widespread network of companies so that you can get discounts to your everyday necessities and favorite stores all while bettering your health and mind through Moksha 1.0.